Event Catering

Whatever your catering theme, we have a menu that fits. Our consultants, in house professionals and our independent specialty cooks will work with you to maximize the desired impact of your party or event. Themed Parties or dinner party catering is always an opportunity for us to be inventive and creative.

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Cafeteria Service

On or off premises our food is more homemade food than cafeteria food. Most contract cafeteria food taste like cafeteria food. Our food is always cooked on premises by one of our dedicated chefs.


Services for Caterers

We are currently aiding other catering providers with logistical and collaborative help to maximise their effectiveness.

Our most requested service is customising a HACCP programme for caterers, fast food shops, and restaurants.

It is a legal requirement for any company offering food to the population to have a HACCP plan.

We will come to your premises and customise a programme for how you do business. Contact us here for our consultants


Our Message

Style is a matter of individual preference , but food brings people together. At Candle Light Catering Ltd we do more than prepare the meal; we are an extension of your celebration, a partner in your event, and an enabler of your vision.


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