Our Approach

“Our philosophy”

Our catering team is one of the differentiating factors for our business. What we found out early in our personal training business is that we could not teach people to be nice and personable. So we set out to only hire people that were genuinely nice, pleasant, as well as professionally adept.

Our Story

We started out as a group of personal trainers , nutritionists and one chef. Through the personal training business we began making dieting soups and juices for our clients.

As our corporate responsibility we volunteered at several nursing homes. One of the homes where we volunteered needed a company to come in and provide food for their residents. The profit margin was not much so they had no takers. As we were in the nursing home quite frequently we thought that since we were there for free we could also provide the food service as an extended service. The response from the residence was so good we began turning a profit.

We decided to tender for any catering contracts that involved individuals needing care or special food requirements. We delivered on all our endeavors, and in the process built seamless standard operating procedures  to ensure continued excellence. We have since acquired several chefs coming from 5 star Hotels and high end restaurants. Our team is available and equipped to make your catering desires come true.  Contact us and see what we can do for you.  Contact Us here

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